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Important Phone Numbers of Mayurbhanj

Collector & District Magistrate 91-6792-252606(O), 252601(Res), 252221(Fax)
District Informatics Officer, NIC Mayurbhanj 91-6792-252726
Additional District Magistrate (Gen) 91-6792-252646(O), 252617(Res)
PD, DRDA 91-6792-260318(O), 252319(Res)
PA, ITDA  91-6792-260250(O), 252274(Res)
DRDA-Computer 91-6792-260316
Chief Planning & Development Officer 91-6792-252518(O), 255154(Res)
District Development Officer 91-6792-253236
Sub-Collector, Baripada 91-6792- 252607(O)
Election Officer            91-6792-252758
Emergency Officer 91-6792-252759
Treasury Officer 91-6792-252632
District Welfare Officer 91-6792-252763, 252340(Res)
Regional Transport Officer 91-6792-252768(O), 252639(Res)
Tehsildar, Baripada 91-6792-252659
B.D.O. (Baripada) 91-6792-252238
Railway station 91-6792-252657
C.D.M.O., Baripada 91-6792-252671(O), 252615(Res)
GM, DIC 91-6792-252670(O), 252260(Res)
Telephone Inquiry 197
Telephone Complaints 198
Tourist Officer 91-6792-252710
Superintendent of Police 91-6792-252647(O), 252644(Res)
District Judge 91-6792-252687(O), 252651(Res)
District Head Quarters Hospital 91-6792-252629
District Statistical Officer 91-6792-252736
Town Police station 91-6792-252609
Sadar Police Station 91-6792-252289
North Orissa University 91-6792-255127, 256906
Principal M.P.C College 91-6792-252612(O), 252624(Res)
Principal Govt.Womens' College 91-6792-252234(O), 252334(Res)
Controller North Orissa University, Takatpur 91-6792-254597
Head Master, M.K.C High School 91-6792-252760
Technical Training Institute, Takatpur 91-6792-252729
Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya, Laxmiposi 91-6792-253060
BM, SBI 91-6792-252630(O),252285(Res)
BM, Bank of India 91-6792-252680(O), 252460(Res)
BM, LIC 91-6792-252302(O), 252366(Res)
Urban Co-operative Bank 91-6792-252668
New India Assurance 91-6792-252484
Telephone Maintenance 163